Report errors on the MTB-paths

Have you noticed that there are no signs, a bridge is broken or that trees have broken down over the trail? Please help us report errors.

The best help we can get is if you mark where the error is on a map or if you can send us the GPS coordinates. One tip is to get the map image on your phone and let the GPS show you where you are. Zoom in the area, leave some designation in the image, such as a village name, a road or the like so that you can orient yourself, foot off and send.

If you have a GPS, you can select a waypoint and send us the picture back home. All creative solutions are gratefully received.

Contact information to our area managers


Åsa Wistrand, Planner Outdoor Life, Örebro kommun

Phone: 019-21 43 43



You report errors on the trails in Pershyttan/Nora here:

Service Center phone: 0587-55 00 40, daytime 8-16 or here:

You can also report errors by downloading the app

Glen Jarleskog
Phone: 070-769 11 96


Jonas Andersson

Email: Thord Lindberg
Phone: 070-541 32 46


Mail: Service Center
Phone: 019-58 80 00


Stig Israelsson
Kilsmo IK
Phone: 070-571 48 25

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